Art is not an exotic supplement to life, but is an inseparable element of life. 

Are you in awe of the ceiling and wall murals in the splendid Louvre in Paris, the engaging frescos in the majestic cathedrals of Rome and the mystical friezes in the magnificent palaces of the Middle East?

Would you like to invite reverie and retreat into your private homes, entertainment and escape into your business, or celebration and respect into your neighborhood?

William Lai, the accomplished painter and muralist, will give a vivid presence to your thoughts, dreams and ideals through the dramatic interaction of painting and architecture. 

Under the guidance of his famous Hong Kong artist father, William Lai started his artistic pursuit at a tender young age and held a number of exhibitions with his father in Hong Kong before majoring in fine arts at Manchester University, England.  upon completion of his studies, he further enhanced his artistic skills under the rigorous training of the renowned Virginia artist William A. Smith.  For more than twenty years, William has held critically acclaimed exhibits in Hong Kong, Virginia and Texas. 

For the last decade, William has dedicated his career to creating an art "larger than life" murals that create mood, ambience and style for private homes and businesses, transforming viewers into visionaries and buildings into architecture. 

William's original works surpass the expectations of his clients, integrating romantic or richly realistic approaches with their settings and architectural styles.  His classical, contemporary or post-modern themes include the innocence and spirituality of folk art, the exuberant and imaginative spirit of children, the tranquility and serenity of bucolic scenes, the celestial beings and mystery of the cosmos.  In close cooperation with his clients, William's murals unite their inspirations with nature, time, and space. 

William's splendid murals are accessible to all visitors in the upscale Pacific Restaurant in Sterling, La Fleur De Lis in Lovettsville, and The Grille in Purceville.  William would also be pleased to email you digital photographs of examples of his work.  Initial discussions are without charge or obligation. 

William Lai at work

Art is not an exotic supplement to life. 































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